"After women, flowers are the most divine creations." -Christian Dior

When I started my career in the wedding and event industry I started just with planning. That meant organizing, managing, and handling all the logistics of each event. But there was one area that turned me on more than any other and that was creating a vision.

I have the unique gift of walking into a space and seeing exactly how it will look on the day of the event, down to every last detail.

I had a burning desire to implement that vision on my own. So, viola! I did it.

Floral design is an art. It is partly learned but it is largely a part of your soul. I was blessed to have some amazing mentors to learn mechanics and design from. My inspirations come from nature, artwork, emotions, and travels.

I can look at a bride and know if she is a daisy or a hydrangea; an orchid or a peony, or a mix of everything. Our designs follow no rules. We design from the heart and love every minute of it.

Enjoy our floral design gallery where you’ll see in all the variety, that CLED’s style is YOUR style. Our Fresh Floral Design Services

Our Fresh Floral Design Services

  • Bouquets and boutonnieres

  • Altar arrangements

  • Chuppahs

  • Arbors

  • Pew and Chair aisle designs

  • Wine barrel arrangements

  • Custom rose petal runners

  • Floral Walls

  • Floral Backdrops

  • High and Low centerpieces

  • Floral chandeliers

  • Mantle designs

  • Silver and Gold Candelabra

  • A massive selection of glass

  • Wrought iron

  • Illuminated Centerpieces

  • Birch tree designs